Day of Free Fun

Our day was filled with lots of free fun! After breakfast, Emily wasted no time starting a game of Hide and Seek. Have you ever tried hiding with a baby? Clara gave us away so many times with all of her giggling. 

Then, it was time for Ring Around the Rosy. Clara isn’t walking yet, but she is good at falling. There was a lot of laughter every time they would “all fall down”.
While Clara was napping this afternoon, Emily wanted to do some more embroidery, and I got to finish up another cute little sundress for her — this one is made from one of Mark’s old dress shirts. (More on that later). I love sewing with her!
When Clara woke up, it was bright and sunny outside, so we took a trip to the playground.
…and made lots of wishes.
Back home, I got some weeding done while the girls played in the tent.

Oh, and I’m putting together my Family Activity Binder…. and Emily wants to help! 


  1. MaryAnne says

    Sounds like a fun day, cute pictures!

  2. What a great day!

  3. I love it! I never would have thought of embrodering with a little one but this is perfect! What a great way to get them interested in sewing early. Thanks for linking to Kid Friendly Friday!
    Enjoy your Mother’s Day!

  4. Tara aka "Mama Koala" says

    Looks like an incredible day!

  5. sunnymama says

    Looks like a really fun day, and of course all the fun was free! Love the pictures 🙂