Slacker Saturday — Pouring Practice

Just before Emily went off to bed tonight, I set up a quick and easy pouring activity for her. This sort of transfer activity is very Montessori-inspired, and it was good practice for her. Start with a small pitcher and a medium sized bowl. Fill the pitcher with dried beans and have your child practice pouring into the bowl without spilling any beans. Next, try dry rice into a small bowl or cup. When your child has mastered pouring the rice, try pouring water into an even smaller bowl or cup. Emily asked if she could practice this some more tomorrow!


  1. Sometimes it’s just the simple things we don’t think about. Thats a great idea. I bet my son would actually enjoy this too. (And super easy for me!)

  2. Never would have thought of it, but it’s a great idea. We definitely forget that it isn’t always the expensive toys that kids enjoy most.