Slacker Saturday — Chalk Outlines

It’s time for Slacker Saturday, and today’s activity is chalk outlines! Emily enjoyed doing this, and she got a big kick out of drawing a funny face on her outline. This activity kept her busy for a long time, and didn’t involve a lot of time or effort on our part. Have your child lay down on the sidewalk or driveway and trace his/her outline with sidewalk chalk. Hand the chalk over to your child to draw clothes, shoes, hair, eyes, ears, mouth, and more — while you take it easy! Have some lemonade or something. It’s Slacker Saturday, and you deserve it!

If the weather isn’t cooperating in your neck of the woods, just roll out some craft paper instead. Easy and fun!


  1. It looks like it was a beautiful day there.

  2. Thanks, Ivy! We’ve been enjoying a block of beautiful weather here the last couple of days. It’s nice to be out of the house.