Oil Pastel Art

A few months ago, I picked up a pack of Crayola Oil Pastels from the clearance section of Office Depot, and Emily enjoys drawing with these much more than regular crayons. She made a comment today about how the oil pastels are easier to mix colors with than crayons. In any case, if she will draw with it, I’m all for it.

Earlier today, she did a comparison drawing of the same tree in the Winter and in the Summer. Sometimes she creates this whole other world with her drawings, and this time there was a cat stuck in the Summer tree. The cat was crying and carrying on, and shedding big blue tears, which ended up making a big puddle of blue water by the trunk of the tree. That poor cat was really upset until she finally caved in and drew a ladder for him. 
Ah…. kids have the most vivid imaginations, don’t they?


  1. I’ve not seen those. I’ll have to pick up some my little artists.

  2. Jenny Henny says

    That’s great! I love hearing about my daughter’s drawings – such great imaginations.

  3. Kimberly Eddy says

    Something I like to show mine to do with oil pastels (granted, they are ages 9 and up now :-)), is to put it on nice and thick, and blend it with their finger tips. You can do quite a bit with the oil pastels.

    Your daughter is doing a great job with her tree comparisons. Very creative indeed!

  4. Nightowl Mama says

    She’s very creative

  5. We love pastels! Have you tried watercoloring over your drawings? My girls love doing that type of resist, and the pastels work better than crayons.

  6. @ Julie — Hi! Funny thing is I haven’t seen the Crayola ones in any art supply stores, but I first saw them at an office supply store. Not sure why, but if you can’t find them at a art/craft place, check an office store instead.

    @ Jenny Henny — Thanks! Do you ever write down what your daughters tell you on the other side of the paper? My mom used to do that with my art projects, and I find myself doing the same thing.

  7. @ Kimberly — That is a great idea! I’m sure we’ll be doing more with pastels because Emily really enjoys using them. Thanks for stopping by!

    @ amy — We have done water color resists before, but with crayons. I bet you’re right that the pastels would work a lot better… great idea!

  8. The girl who painted trees says

    I personally love oil pastels. They do blend nicely. With my third graders we used to do an oil pastel flower still life. I would set up a bouquet of flowers and they would draw with oil pastels what they saw. It was their favorite project of the year.

    Thanks for all your comments on my blog. I appreciate it!

  9. Val in the Rose Garden says

    I love kids and their imaginations. What a sweet little story she made with her pictures.


  10. @ The girl who painted trees — I remember doing a project like that in grade school, and it was one of my favorites too. I bet Emily would love to try something like that!

    @ Val in the Rose Garden — Thanks so much!