Model Magic Magnets

Model Magic by Crayola is one of those craft supplies I like to keep on hand for when we have Emily’s friends over for a visit. I try to stock up on it at AC Moore or Michael’s using the 40% off coupon and get a big tub of the white Model Magic. For this craft, we made magnets, but we have also made ornaments and sculptures with Model Magic, and it is always a fun treat!

For your Model Magic magnets, you will need white Model Magic, cookie cutters, some paint, a little glue, and some magnet strips. Roll out the Model Magic and use a cookie cutter to cut into shapes. After the shapes are dry, paint (we used Crayola washable paint). Once the paint is dry, glue a magnet to the back.


  1. MaryAnne says

    Those magnets are very cute! Is model magic the stuff that is super lightweight? I’ll have to check at my craft store…

  2. Yes, that’s it! It works really well for this, and buying a big bin of it with the coupon is the way to go. It’s usually with the other Crayola products.

  3. My oldest son used to use this stuff in his art class at school. It is very easy to use and he made some cute things (and he generally hates clay and playdough).

  4. What a fun idea! I’ll have to try this project out with my grandkids. I’m a chicken though! So I think I’ll try it with Crayola markers – the WASHABLE kind πŸ™‚ That way, if anyone’s enthusiasm runs away with them, it won’t be lethal to my apartment! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. Stephanie says

    I’m never sure what to do with it (we have quite a bit of it) but magnets is perfect, because it’s so light weight!

  6. @ Ivy — It always amazes me how the kids who don’t generally enjoy clay or playdough still really like Model Magic. I thought it was the same sort of thing, but it does have a different consistency and it is mess-free!

    @ Kaye — We’ve made these and decorated them with washable markers before and it works really well!

    @ Stephanie — I know what you mean. We tried these with salt dough once and they were just too heavy. πŸ™ But the Model Magic worked very well!

  7. I like the magnet idea, they turned out great.

    Have a great Easter!!!

  8. How long do you have to wait for the model magic to dry before you can paint them? I think this would be a fun one to try.

  9. Hi Michie, It can be dry enough to paint on in about an hour if you roll it out thin. No longer than overnight even for really thick pieces. Thanks for stopping by!