Happy Easter!


  1. Mama King says

    Love seeing everyone's Easter pictures! Love the pict of your little one & her magnifying glass.

  2. Cute pics. How did you get Emily to sit still long enough to do her hair like that? M would never do it or she’d complain it hurt the whole time.

  3. I love Emily’s hair!

  4. Thanks, Mama King! Hope you guys had a nice Easter too!

    Hi, Ivy! Emily is good about staying still while I do her hair, but Clara can be a challenge. Mark distracted her with a toy while I did her hair!

    Thank you, MaryAnne! Did you guys enjoy your Easter?

  5. Claudia's Irish Eyes says

    Looks like you had a fun Easter !

  6. Veronica Lee says

    Hi and welcome to MBC!

  7. Val in the Rose Garden says

    Happy Easter!!