Graphing with Skittles

Nothing helps motivate kids to learn more than CANDY! Last week, I purchased a large bag of Skittles at Big Lots for just $2. Today, we did some graphing with them, and Emily counted them as we went along. We charted the ages of family and friends. Purple for Clara (not quite 1), Orange for Emily (5), Green for Dylan (Emily’s drum teacher, almost 17), Red for me (31), and Yellow for Grandpop. 

Check out the look on her face when she saw how long Grandpop’s line was!
It was a fun way to talk about graphs, ratios, and even doing some color sorting. Of course, she got to eat some Skittles when we were done!


  1. Sounds like fun, and I love the expression on Emily’s face in the last photo!

  2. That photo is priceless! Great idea to introduce graphing in a fun way. Skittles just look so fun, smell so good and are a yummy treat! Gotta love em!

  3. Thanks! I’m sure we will be doing more projects involving Skittles… They really captivated Emily’s interest!

  4. says

    This is great. My husband loves math and is adamant that our kids learn it from a young age. Our 4yr old LOVES M&M's! SO that might be good.
    Thanks Again,