$5 Friday — Outdoor Tea Party

We have been blessed with some beautiful weather lately, so we started our day collecting twigs to make a trivet. Somehow this led to an endless tea party with Emily pretending that the trivet was an outdoor stove. I love how one project leads to another one like that.

This went on for a long while, and Emily pretended to make me several different kinds of tea. (I love tea!) We had a quick lunch, and then it was time for a play date with friends at the playground.

I think both of the girls will sleep well tonight. What is it about being outside that tires kids out so much? 

Thanks to the nice weather, for $5 Friday we didn’t spend any money — Free Friday!!


  1. I love the twig trivet idea!

    We’re loving the beautiful weather, too!

  2. My kids love twigs. Why haven’t I ever thought of that idea before. Love how one thing leads to another with kids.

  3. Adorable pictures, and I love the tea-set!

  4. Great idea for the twigs! A tea party is always fun. I just picked up a china set at a thrift store, but it’s so nice I am saving it for Sierra’s birthday! She loves to have tea parties. We’ll have to make a trivet too. This would also be nice to line the bottom of a tray for a more natural looking tray to keep your tea set on. Thanks for all your great ideas.

  5. My daughter loves being outside, and it does help her to sleep better. I’m always looking for new stuff for us to do outside – that will keep me entertained too!