Pantry Art

Today we raided the pantry and bathroom closet for some art supplies for a Van Gogh-like beach project! If you have seen this post, you would understand why we have a huge supply of oatmeal and this was a great way to use up some of it. We also added some cotton balls, paper, paint, a bamboo skewer, a bit of an old washcloth, tissue paper, and some glue to the mix!

This was pretty much everything an art project should be, and the supplies were very low-cost. All the gluing kept Emily busy for a long time. Some other pantry art supplies include dried beans, buttons, dry pasta, air-popped popcorn, and dry cereal. Get creative with your pantry art supplies!
Clara is not much for sitting still these days, but she was happy to watch her big sister create this project. Soon she will be making projects of her own!


  1. What a great art project! I would never have thought of that.

  2. Thanks, Ivy! It was fun, and I cannot wait for warmer weather!! 🙂