Emily Turns Five!

It happened right before my very eyes. She was four years old one minute… and then… POOF! Five years old the next! We went to a friend’s playgroup (Thanks for hosting us, Debbie!) and Emily played her little heart out. Mark came home from work early, and we spent the rest of the daylight hours out in the yard. Emily and Clara enjoyed some snuggling in the sunshine.

After it got dark, we headed over to Friendly’s to celebrate. The waiters and waitresses even came over to sing to Emily, which made her grin from ear to ear! Since Monday, Friendy’s has been featuring a kid’s menu promo between 4-7pm with $1.99-$3.99 kid’s meals. The promo ends March 19th. 
Mmmm… birthday ice cream!

I would say she had waaaaay more than $1.99 worth of fun, wouldn’t you? 


  1. Happy Birthday to Emily! Five is a fun age — they actually want to be helpful. Looks like you all had a great day.

  2. Happy Birthday to Emily! I love the first photo of your two girls together.

  3. Thank you! I still can’t believe she is five already… where does the time go?