Cute and Frugal Monogramed Onesie

Emily was very excited to create something special for Clara this afternoon, and cardboard stencils made this project very easy! I found a set of cardboard alphabet and number stencils at Big Lots for just $1. Baby onesies are usually very inexpensive. This one came in a pack of 3 for $7.99 at Target. With just a little fabric paint, we were all set! Lay the onesie on a flat surface and place a piece of cardboard inside it to keep the paint from sticking it together. Lay your stencil on top and use masking tape to secure it to the onesie. Paint your stencil, let dry, and wash according to fabric paint’s instructions. Enjoy! 


  1. That would make for a sweet baby shower gift as well!

  2. You are so right, Ivy! Can I tell you that I cannot wait to do one of these myself? Clara wore hers this afternoon, and boy did it look CUTE!

  3. Tara aka "Mama Koala" says

    Very cute! What a fun project.

  4. Prudent Homemaker says

    I do this same gift for baby showers, but a bit differently. I use the first name or initial (usually depending on how much time I have) and I print it out on the computer in the right size. (I compare different fonts to see which one I like best with the baby’s first initial).

    I cut out the name and tape it on the inside of the onesie where I want it to be.

    Then, using a washable sewing marker, I trace the name.

    I then embroider the name by hand, and wash away the marking pen with water before I give it as a gift. I often add embroidered flowers if it is a girl.

  5. That is an adorable project. I am going to have to try this one.

    Thanks for linking such an adorable project, have a great weekend.