Homemade Hockey Table

This is how we spent our morning — designing our own hockey table, and it was so easy! Emily had a blast, and is still planning to devote the rest of the afternoon to table hockey. A few years ago, one of our neighbors had a moving sale and sold this fabulous coffee table to us for just $5. 

We used leftover wrapping paper (print side down) and attached it to the table with masking tape. I helped Emily measure the table and we used a marker to draw the hockey lines. We covered the table with a layer of wax paper to make it extra slippery.
For the seam in the wax paper, I used scotch tape. We made a puck out of a frozen juice concentrate lid and covered the bottom of it with felt. For hockey sticks, we used stampers that came from an Aqua Doodle set. They were the perfect size, and already had a felt bottom. 
We used colored popsicle sticks for the goals, and I attached them with scotch tape. Emily was thrilled and declared, “This is so much fun!!”.
Guess we will be playing lots of table hockey for the next couple of days!


  1. aprilfoolwed says

    This is super-cute and so creative!!!!! Good job!

  2. Great idea, and the sunken top of your coffee table is perfect for this activity!

  3. Thank you so much! Your comments made my day! 🙂

  4. What a great idea! I would never have thought of that. I know how much my grandkids love air hockey so I may have to keep an eye out for a table that will work!

  5. THat is very classy! I love your creativeness.

  6. Nodin's Nest says

    Wonderful idea! Good for eye/hand coordination in little ones.

  7. Nice job. Just be careful those pucks don't go flying off the edges!