Fun with Scissors

Emily cutting white paper.
Much of today was spent with me running around like a chicken with its head cut off in a vain attempt to clean and de-clutter the house. Did I say house? I meant kitchen. Yes, from 9am until 3pm I scrubbed and tidied up the kitchen from top to bottom. Now if I could only get to the rest of the house. Mother-of-the-Year Award……. it was so close!
The truth is the cleaning has been placed on the low-priority list because I would much rather spend my time with Emily creating, teaching, learning, etc.  I simply could not tolerate the mess any longer.  Emily followed me around asking, “Mommy, can we play now?  Is it time to paint?  Are you done cleaning?”.
While I was freaking out about the spots in the sink — WHICH DID NOT COME OFF AFTER SCRUBBING WITH EVERY TOXIC CHEMICAL KNOWN TO MAN…. Emily must have been incredibly bored, but she quickly found a way to entertain herself with a pair of scissors, some glue, and a flower catalog.  Clearly, she inherited this skill from Mark.  I have watched him make dolls from NAPKINS.  I am not kidding.
Here is what she came up with:

Finally, it was time to call it a day.  I made some tea, put my feet up, and thanked the gods for blessing us with such laid-back children.


  1. Is your sink ceramic? It might be worth trying plain old baking soda (if you haven’t already) – we got some spots off our tub that way that wouldn’t come off with any of the toxic cleaners…

  2. I have a ceramic sink and I used dishwasher detergent. I put it in the sink with hot water and let that soak for awhile. Once I drain the water, the sink is like new! Good luck!

  3. Valerie Deneen says

    Thanks for the suggestions… It is stainless steel, and I think it is a lost cause — it was stained with acid! Ah well…