Family Snow Day

We are enjoying our first big snow of the season here in the Lehigh Valley! Today we enjoyed some time out in the snow — all bundled up, of course. Snow days make for great frugal entertainment. Emily had a terrific time playing with Mark in the backyard, and afterwards we had some hot cocoa. She made snowballs and snow angels.  
Tomorrow, we are looking forward to some great sledding!
Here are some photos of our afternoon: 

Some new buds.

Her water table turned to solid ice!

Close up of a branch from Emily’s crab apple tree.

I knitted this hat for Mark several years ago — very warm!

Some snow on the blue spruce.

Clara stays indoors and sleeps during all the outdoor winter fun.

Our family of boots.

Merlin finds a home on Mark’s lap.

Emily enjoys some hot cocoa (it is really Ovaltine, but shhhh don’t tell!).
Did your family enjoy some time out in the snow this winter?  Leave us a comment and tell us about it!


  1. I love the snowy pictures! Could you send some my way, please?

  2. newsciontist says

    Over here on South Side Bethlehem, the children don’t have much space, but they were all over the sidewalks. It even seems acceptable for teenagers to play on playgrounds on snowy days. Parking lots were popular destinations, too.

  3. Valerie Deneen says

    Nancy, you are missing out on some great fun. Although I sometimes wish for some warmer weather here!

    newsciontist, sounds like a good time for all ages. Our local park had tons of kids this afternoon. And parents.. and grandparents. It was so nice to see everyone out having a great time!

  4. We’ve had snow pretty much non-stop, but not a lot of new snow – so we have the ice layer on top. My kids still love going outside, even if it’s just to play while I shovel the driveway! It’s been nice for them to have a near-constant snowman, too. We’re very lucky to live in a pretty quiet area, so we don’t get the grey snow from all the traffic driving by.