Family Painting Time

Looking for some good quality time spent together as a family?  Try scheduling family painting time! All of us look forward to this when Mark comes home from work. After dinner, we clear off the kitchen table and spread out the paints, brushes, and paper. Altogether it was about an hour’s worth of creative time and a lot of fun.  We plan to schedule family painting time at least once a week. Here are some of my favorite photos from last night:

I painted a couple of tree prints.

Even Clara was enjoying the fun!

Mark concentrates on his artwork.

Emily paints with some bright watercolors.
Afterwards, try to find a prominent place in your home to display your child’s artwork. This can be a great source of pride.  
Does your family regularly schedule activity time together?  If so, I want to hear about it!  Leave a comment and share your idea with us!


  1. I think this is a great idea! We hang out a lot as a family, but having set activities to do could be fun too!

  2. Jenny Henny says

    What sort of paint do you use with the kids?
    I have painting time with the girls at least once a week. Our family ritual is a couple of nights a week after dinner we have a dance party. Everyone jumps around and enjoys the music!

  3. Valerie Deneen says

    Thanks, MaryAnne! From the looks of your blog, your family does lots of things together too!

    Jenny Henny, we used watercolors last night. I’ve had pretty good results with Crayola Washable paints too. I also try to let Emily use really good quality brushes and art supplies. It makes a huge difference!

  4. Dolphin Girl says

    We have done family painting time before. My kids absolutely love it! THey love to see what Mom and Dad create!

    K. C.


  5. so sweet :^)