10 Best Gifts for a Tightwad

Looking for the perfect gift for a fellow tightwad?  These are some of my absolute personal favorites!  Try these simple suggestions for gifts that help the recipient save even more money:

  1. Entertainment Book —  Tons of great coupons for those special occasions that call for eating out.  Many places feature “buy one, get one free” deals.  Order through uPromise for added college savings.
  2. InginuiTEA —  This is one of my all-time favorites.  As an avid tea-drinker, one of the biggest frustrations keeping me from enjoying loose-leaf tea was finding tea leaves that were left floating in it.  I tried tea balls, strainers, everything.  Finally, my brother-in-law (thanks, Mike!) gifted me with this ingenious device!  Buying loose tea saves money, and is better for the environment.  Now I am hooked!
  3. Barnes & Noble Membership —  Another passion of mine is reading – oh, and going to cafes!  So when my in-laws gifted me with a membership to Barnes & Noble, I was thrilled!  Now I can enjoy further discounts on books, gifts, and even coffee for the next 365 days.
  4. Subscription to Money Magazine —  This magazine is worth reading, and subscriptions start at just $19.95/year (12 issues) from Magazines.com.
  5. The Complete Tightwad Gazette —  This book belongs on the bookshelf of every Tightwad.  Of course, I borrowed it from the library.  Having a copy on hand is worth the purchase price because I find myself referring to recipes, tips, and ideas found in here quite frequently.
  6. Breadmaker —  No, you don’t need a breadmaker to make bread, but it will save a ton of time.  I have a newborn, so spending 25 minutes kneading bread is simply out of the question.  Thanks to my Cuisinart Breadmaker, I can have fresh bread, pizza dough, and even soft pretzels baking in minutes.  Before you go NUTS over the price of this model, you might want to check out a thrift shop.  I frequently see pre-owned breadmakers for $10 or so.  Click here if you are looking for the owner’s manual to a breadmaker.
  7. Water Filter & Reusable Water Bottle — Bottled water is a complete waste of money.  Instead, purchase a water filter, and reusable water bottle.  My favorite filter is Brita, and I really love the Sigg water bottles.
  8. Pizza Making Kit —  Instead of buying pizza, it is more fun (and much less expensive) to make it yourself.  Here is a good example of what to include.
  9. Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs —  By replacing iridescent light bulbs with CFL’s you will notice a significant savings on your electric bill.
  10. Goodwill Shopper’s Card —  True Tightwads enjoy shopping at Goodwill for great buys on used (or sometimes new) merchandise.  Check with your local Goodwill to purchase a Shopper’s Card good for various discounts throughout the store.


  1. I think a subscription to Consumer Reports would be great, too. I like to know the quality of the item I’m looking to buy, and often they point out that the better products cost less! I also think it’s thrifty to not have to replace items because the one I bought broke, so Consumer Reports gives me a little more peace of mind in that arena.

  2. Valerie Deneen says

    Great idea… I had forgotten about Consumer Reports, and it is a terrific resource. So glad you mentioned it!

  3. stmas is over. but these are all great ideas. totally useable for birthdays and other holidays where presents are involved.

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