Coupon Giveaway — And the winner is…..

Wow, there were 52 entries for this great giveaway!  The winning number (chosen by was 15, and that number belongs to Rhonda from Saving Cents.  Rhonda is just starting to learn how to live the frugal life, so I am glad she won the 50 coupons.  Here is her winning comment:

Hi, your blog is full of lots of frugal tips. I am new to the frugal world and am learning some…but could use all the help I can get. Thanks for a helpful blog.  — Rhonda

Congratulations, Rhonda!  

Another great giveaway begins soon!


  1. YEah!! I cannot believe I won something! More coupons…cool.
    Thanks for the great give away…I am so excited!!!