Online Shopping — Getting a Good Deal

If you are looking for some great websites to help you save money while shopping online, MSN’s Money Central has an article with 8 top sites for online shopping that can be very helpful.  
I like to combine orders with Amazon and get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.  If you use Coinstar and convert $40 worth of change into an Amazon gift card, you can get an extra $10 gift card for free!  Offer is good now until December 7th.  Details can be found here.
Also, has great discounts on gift certificates for various restaurants, and if you order through uPromise, you will get an added percentage towards college savings.  Use promotional code THANKS to get 70% off.  Offer is good until tomorrow.


  1. shopping deals finder says

    It is definitely time to be frugal. Those are some great sites that you have suggested. I am obsessed with finding great shopping deals online. That is why I started my own site to share the deals that I am constantly finding on the web.

    Oh, and I absolutely love, they have such AMAZING specials. I mean 90% off restaurant coupons is great! However, you have to make sure to read the stipulations before you purchase these certificates. They can be very sneaky about stipulations to use the coupons.

    – Katy, Professional Shopping Deals Finder.