Coupon Giveaway

I am doing my very first giveaway this week!  I am a huge fan of coupons because the savings really do add up.  Last month I saved a couple hundred dollars using coupons. 

For this drawing, I thought it would be appropriate to give away 50 free coupons (many are for organic items)!  The coupons are already clipped for you and ready to take to the grocery store to help save your hard-earned money.

To enter this giveaway:
  1. Become a follower of this blog.  Do this by clicking here.  Becoming a follower will put you in for three entries.  Those of you who are already followers will automatically be entered three times as well.
  2. Leave a comment on the Frugal Family Fun Blog, and tell me about some of your family’s favorite frugal activities, or what it is you love the most about this blog.  Your comment can be on this post, or any other post dated from November 25-December 5th.
This giveaway ends Friday, December 5th @ 6pm EST.  Winner will be chosen by, and contacted via email for mailing address information.
Good luck!!


  1. hi, i just found your blog online. it looks great! i’d love to follow your blog, but my rss feeds account went down and i need to reset it. for now, i have your site bookmarked. i’m anxious to learn more about couponing, although i’ve done it for a long time. some of the moms out there do a great deal with it, so i think i need to learn more. i enjoyed your post about things to do in the lehigh valley, although we’re slightly out of your area (we’re in lancaster county). i hope you keep sharing your knowledge and frugality with the rest of us.

  2. hello i just started useing coupons and have become addicted. And i really try to use as much organic as possible. i really like your blog you have great ideas and helpful info

  3. Hi, your blog is full of lots of frugal tips. I am new to the frugal world and am learning some…but could use all the help I can get. Thanks for a helpful blog.

  4. Just discovered this blog and I’m excited to have found it. I guess that’s what Joyce said, but it’s true! I’ve been doing my best to live frugally for a long time – we’re a military family and need to stretch every cent – but lately it seems more and more important for all of us frugal moms to join together and share our ideas and strategies. One thing I do is buy chicken thighs and roast the whole bag on Monday, then we can use the meat all week. we also use “the big three” when anything calls for ground beef: 1 lb cheap ground beef, 1 lb ground turkey plus one cup rolled oats. Mixed together they can be used for anything that calls for ground beef! Cheaper and healthier than regular beef!
    Great stuff, thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsaboyer at live dot com

  5. You know, I love saving money for my family. I just got my husband to realize that we were over spending every month. So he is now sticking to a budget. We are working to pay off our debt on our credit card and our loans. We think that within two years we won’t have a car loan or the other loan we have. I’m saving hundreds of dollars a month too with coupons. I’m learning to stock and my husband is impressed because I can predict when diapers and formula are going to go on sale and which store will have the best price.

  6. Great blog! You have some great strategies. I will be watching to learn more.

  7. Hi Valerie,

    If you want you can add you giveaway to my mr. linky