Sunday Snapshot — Princess Hair

Instructions for this awesome ‘do found here!

Sunday Snapshot — Pumpkin Patch!

I took Clara to the pumpkin patch! (Emily was visiting with my parents for a few days.) It was so much fun!

Sunday Snapshot — Happy Birthday, Abuela!

Sunday Snapshot — Puddle Jumper

Jumping in puddles is so much fun… …even more so when Mom jumps in too!

Sunday Snapshot — Facial Expressions

Clara is growing up to be quite the expressive toddler, as evidenced by these photos: “Who farted?“ “Was it you?” “Nahhh…. It was me!” Hope you are enjoying your weekend. More crafty frugal goodness coming up!

Sunday Snapshot — (Parent-Powered) Blanket Swing

And in other news… We are looking forward to some impromptu (and frugal) celebrating for my birthday! This post is linked to Family Friday.

Sunday Snapshot — He’s got some life

Sunday Snapshot — Fueling Emily’s Obsession with China

Sunday Snapshot — Clara’s First Pigtails!

Sunday Snapshot — She’s Baaacck!!

After spending a week with Grandma and Papock (and having TONS of fun), Emily is back home! Hooray! I am blown away by the comments on yesterday’s post. I’ll be posting more info about registering for the free online sewing workshop tomorrow. YES! We are going to do this! If you always wanted to learn […]