Simple Magic Tricks for Kids

With a little help from the NEW Discovery Magic Set by Melissa & Doug, young magicians can perform several tricks! These tricks are perfect for April Fool’s Day fun, or anytime you want to add a little magic to your day. A big thank you to our friends at Melissa & Doug for sponsoring today’s creative play time post!

Simple Magic Tricks Kids Can Do

Sword in the Stone

My 7 year old thought this trick was so much fun! She could remove the sword from the stone, but no one else could. Clever! Secret buttons on the side of the stone make this trick easy for young magicians to do with very little practice.

Levitating Cup

Amaze your friends when they watch you appear to float a cup in mid-air! A hole in the back of the cup for your thumb is all that is needed to make this trick work. Here is a short video demonstration:

Color Changing String

Watch a length of string change colors from red to white and back again right before your very eyes! The color changing string box makes this a super simple trick to perform.

Chamber of Illusion

Make objects disappear once they go into a magic box! This trick uses a mirror to create the illusion of objects disappearing behind it. When the box is held at eye-level, it is quite convincing!

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Melissa & Doug, and I am a Melissa & Doug Blog Ambassador. All opinions are my own.