Quiz: What Kind of Dreamer is Your Child?

The kids and I just got done taking a super fun quiz in celebration of the Disney movie Tomorrowland that helped us to reveal what kind of dreamers they are and what career fields they may be interested in pursuing! The quiz is designed by a child psychologist expert for kids, ages 6-11, and contains ten simple questions that lead to four possible dreamer types: artist, professional, innovator, and humanitarian. Currently, both of my kids happen to fall into this age group, and they each took the quiz with very different, yet fascinating, results!

Emily, Age 11 — The Humanitarian (with some Innovator Traits)

Out of our immediate family, Emily is perhaps the most extroverted and empathetic of us. She has exhibited several humanitarian traits from a very young age by asking how she can help, setting a good example for her younger sister, and taking great pleasure in the act of giving. This result did not necessarily come as a surprise to me, however it did make me think about some ways my husband and I can help foster this dreamer trait even more.

The results suggest having her become involved in volunteering opportunities — something we are actively seeking to do. She will be active in her school’s student council organization, completing several acts of kindness throughout the year, and continuing to help out at home. According to the quiz, this dreamer trait may be well suited for a future career as a teacher, doctor, social worker, nurse, veterinarian or work for a non-profit. She also showed some Innovator traits with her interest in science, technology, and architecture — a fascinating combination! Regardless of the actual career she chooses, I know she will take great pride in helping others!

Clara, Age 7 — The Innovator (with some Artist Traits)

At the age of 2, Clara taught herself how to read and soon after her appetite for books was insatiable. In general, she loves to teach herself new and exciting things, while constantly making interesting connections. At home, she can usually be found building things like robot kits, block towers, and magnetic sculptures.

To help foster her innovator dreamer traits, we will continue to read lots of books together. Last summer we had a family book club. We each read the same book and held regular meetings to discuss it. This was one of Clara’s favorite things because she was our official Family Book Club Activity Coordinator. She came up with so many fun book-themed activities for all of us to do together! According to the quiz, Clara may be drawn to a career in science, technology, or architecture. She also exhibited some artist traits with her desire to be unique, so we will be spending lots of time outdoors to help encourage creativity by taking nature walks that use all of our senses. Since Clara loves to visit new places, we have set a goal of exploring a new-to-us park each season!

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