Rainy Day Snack Treat

Here’s a fun rainy day snack treat you can make for the kids! You know the old saying, “April showers bring May flowers…”?  Well, we certainly have had plenty of April showers around here!  April can often be a gloomy month, but the saying is true that all that rain brings lots and lots of beautiful flowers come May!

Why not embrace the rainy of days of April with a little rainy day snack?

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To make this fun little treat you will need:

  • Clementine (sliced)
  • Blueberries
  • Fruit leather snacks (cut into an umbrella shape)
  • Pretzel (broken for umbrella handle)
  • Ingredients for Meringues…egg whites, salt, sugar, cream of tartar, food coloring (recipe found here)
  • Small plastic sandwich bags


The most time consuming part of the snack is making the meringues (they take about 2-2 1/2 hours to bake), but the end results are so much fun that it’s totally worth it!

I used this meringue recipe to make my meringues.  I kept some of the meringue mixture white for the fluffy clouds, but then separated out a small amount of meringue into six different bowls and used food coloring to make rainbow colors.  Spoon the meringue mixture into separate sandwich bags, snip a tiny hole in one corner and carefully pipe out a meringue rainbow.  I started with the bottom of my rainbow (purple) and worked my way to the top of the rainbow (red).  The clouds don’t necessarily need to be piped, they can simply be spooned out onto your parchment lined cookie sheet.

After baking you’ve got a sweet little treat…


Add the sweet treat to your fruity umbrella and some fresh fruit…

And you’ve got a fun, partly healthy, rainy day snack that your kids will love!


So, next time, why not embrace a rainy day and have a little fun with your food.


Also fun for a rainy day…making rainbows and sunshine craft stick puzzles.

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