Mother’s Day Ideas for Breakfast

No bake breakfast fun is always a great combination for anyone’s partner and/or the kids to pull together for Mother’s Day ideas for breakfast.

Although there are a lot of great partner’s that wear the title of ‘Master Chef’ in the family, it’s also great to provide recipes that make it easy for kids of younger ages to complete from start to finish without the use of any electronic devices.  Bagel Bite Flowers are a not only a fun serve for mom on Mother’s Day, but a cute recipe to keep around to surprise the kids on a special morning for them as well. Gotta love Mother’s Day ideas that can transfer holiday to holiday.

Mother's Day Ideas Bagel Bite Flower - Inner Child Food

How to create the Bagel Bite Flower:

  1. Stir the mascarpone cheese, vanilla extract and honey together.
  2. Rinse and slice the strawberries.  You can use a plastic knife for little fingers…
  3. Open the bagel and spread the mascarpone cheese on the inside of both halves of the bagel.
  4. Lay the strawberries on one side to create strawberry flowers pedals.
  5. Close the bagel and put the pineapple piece into the center of the bagel.

How to create a Bagel Bite Flower Holder:

            Supplies needed:

                        Base (see below)

                        Green Foam

                        1 tall cake pop or candy stick

                        Green floral tape

                        Tissue paper or giftwrap filler

                        Permanent Marker or paint

  1. I used a little tin that I found for $1, but you can also use a terracotta pot that kids have painted or simply a party cup as your base.
  2. Fill the base with a craft foam that can be found in the floral section of any craft department or store.
  3. Cover the foam with tissue paper or gift wrap filler.
  4. Wrap a cake pop stick with green floral tape only three-quarters of the way.  The uncovered portion will be inserted into the bagel flower.  Both of these items can also be found in a craft department or store.  I found floral tape for $1 a roll.
  5. Optional: add a message or decor to the base with markers or paint to personalize it for mom.
  6. Insert the uncovered portion of the stick into the bagel and be certain to skew into the pineapple center. This helps to hold everything together.
  7. Insert the bottom of the stick into the base you have created & serve a bagel flower for mom!

What are some of your favorite Mother’s Day Ideas for Breakfast? Happy Mother’s Day to all who are celebrating and being celebrated this year!