Handprint Collage Mother’s Day Gift

Homemade gifts from kids are great any time of year, but especially on Mother’s Day! I know I cherish all of the crafts and gifts my kids have made for me over the years.  

This sweet framed hand print collage makes a perfect kid made gift and a lovely keepsake.

This Framed Handprint Flower Makes a Great Kid Made Mother's Day Gift! 

Handprint Collage Supplies

  • scrapbook paper (we used a different color for each child)
  • cardstock cut to 8 inches by 10 inches
  • green ribbon
  • double sided tape
  • frame

Handprint Mother's Day Craft

Begin by tracing each child’s hand on the scrapbook paper and cut it out.

Framed Handprint Mother's Day Gift

Cut out each of the handprints  and cut a small piece of green ribbon.

 Homemade Handprint Art for Mother's Day

Use the double sided tape to assemble the handprints and ribbon into the shape of a flower.  Place the handprint collage inside of the frame and give it to mom or grandma on Mother’s Day.

I’m sure she’ll treasure it forever!