Invitation to Learn: Valentine Patterning

Whether studying cultural traditions or origin, manipulating food, toys, or other festive trinkets, holidays are brimming with learning opportunities for children. In this post, I will share how to arrange a simple invitation to learn that uses festive Valentine M&Ms to learn about patterning.

Invitation to Learn - Valentine Patterning

What is an Invitation to Learn?

An invitation to learn is an aesthetic arrangement of educational materials. Invitations to learn are fun for children because:

1. There is no waiting for supplies and materials to be distributed, as the activity is arranged in advance.

2. They look inviting and enticing, so kids are excited to begin and engage in learning.

3. They are playful in nature! Kids might not even realize they are learning!

Invitation to Learn Valentine Candy Patterning

Invitation to Learn: Valentine Candy Patterning

To arrange this simple invitation, you will need:

  • Jar of Valentine candy, or a festive collection of pom poms, wooden hearts, stickers, etc.
  • Valentine placemats
  • White plate

I arranged this invitation to learn while my children were cleaning up their rooms. When they came into the kitchen, they gasped at the sight of the candy jar. They climbed into their chairs as I invited them to create patterns using the candy. I reminded them both how each color could be matched with a letter to pattern, just like they learned in preschool (AB, ABC, ABCD, AABB, etc). Of course they were allowed to munch on the M&Ms as well!

Invitation to Learn Valentine Candy Patterning

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How does your family play and learn during the holidays?