At Home Date Night Ideas for Parents

Let’s face it, we all need a night out every once in a while.  Date nights help us, as parents, recharge and reconnect with each other. 

But, then again, date nights out “on the town” can be expensive between the cost of the babysitter, and dinner, or movies, or whatever else your plans are…it racks up pretty quickly.

Not to mention the logistics of it all…finding a babysitter, and some kids aren’t very fond of babysitters, I know ours weren’t until about a year ago.  So, with all of that said, sometimes we simply don’t take those moments out for a date. 


But why go out at all?  Why not stay in?  Give yourself the night off and enjoy…Let's stay in While it is nice to get all “dolled up” and out of the house for a night away, the important part of a date night is to be together. 

Date nights are a time to talk and listen to each other without all of the extra noise and activity that often demand our attention.

Staying home can be just as fun as going out, just use your imagination!

1.  “Campfire Date”… Campfire
Stay in, make a fire, snuggle up with some throw pillows and blankets.  Turn off all (or most) of the lights.  Pretend that you are outside star gazing.  Make some s’mores indoors!

2.  “Pop the Bubbly Date”… BubblesDon’t just save the “good stuff” for New Year’s Eve or super special occasions.  Serve the kids dinner and tuck them in…then order take out and pop some champagne (or Prosecco or sparkling grape juice even).  Have an romantic meal in your own home.

3.  “Game Night Date”… Game night collage wwordsAdd a little friendly “competition” and strategy to your date night!  Game night’s are always fun and sure to get you giggling! 

Some of our favorites two person games are: Desktop shuffle board, Othello, Dominoes, Uno, Mancala, Rock me Archimedes

4. “Put on your Dancin’ Shoes Date…”
Dancing collage
Why not get dressed up to stay in?  Put on your “fancy shoes”, turn on some romantic or fun music, whatever you desire…and dance the night away in the comfort of your own home.  And, I won’t tell if you take your shoes off!

5. “Magnetic Date”… Magnetic poetryRemember Magnetic Poetry?  There are so so many different variations and kits to play with.  Either buy a set, or make your own using printable magnetic sheets and sit down and make some poetry with each other.  You can make them sweet or silly no matter which way you go you will surely have loads of fun! 

Oh and don’t forget…There is always movie night too!  Or, you could go the “gourmet” route and whip up a fancy meal!

So, the next time you feel like a date night why not stay in! 

And, please, just remember to have fun and keep it low key, that way everyone has fun and no one stresses!