A Special Superhero Cape Making Brunch

I LOVE any excuse to get together with good friends and do some crafting, but crafting for a good cause is even better! When FamilyFun magazine asked me to host a few friends for an organization called Enchanted Makeovers, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do what I love while benefitting others. Enchanted Makeovers is an organization that provides various projects, mentoring, and makeovers of homeless shelters to transform them into amazing spaces that foster behavioral change and hope! Their crafting projects provide handmade items to children living in homeless shelters.

A Special Superhero Cape Making Brunch

It should be noted that the day of my event there was a surprise snow storm that left the roads messy, but that didn’t stop some good friends of mine from making their way over to help out!  We enjoyed a delicious brunch (French toast! Yumm!!), then we got busy crafting up handmade superhero capes to donate to Enchanted Makeovers, as seen in the current issue of FamilyFun magazine! I was surprised to learn how EASY these are to make (no sewing required!). The current issue of FamilyFun walks thru the process step-by-step with a simple pattern and instructions of adding embellishments. In very little time, we had several capes made up and ready to ship to Enchanted Makeovers!

What a terrific way to start the New Year!

For more information on the FamilyFun partnership with Craft Hope and Enchanted Makeovers, and instructions on how to make your own superhero capes, click here.

Disclaimer — FamilyFun magazine provided me with materials to host a super hero cape making event. All opinions are my own.