Thankful Turkeys

Thankful Turkeys are a classic Thanksgiving craft for children I never grow tired of. This year, I’m especially fond of our turkeys because for the very first time, Colin wrote every single word independently using phonics, visual clues, and his sight words. 

Thankful Turkeys


To make Thankful Turkeys, you will need:

  • colored card-stock
  • scissors
  • glue, tape, or glue dots
  • pen or marker


1. Trace your child’s hand and foot. TIP: Leave your child’s sock on while you trace his foot – it tickles less!

2. If your child is able to, invite him to cut out the foot and hand using his scissors. While he is doing this, snip feathers from the card-stock.

3. Encourage your child to name and sound out people and things that he is thankful for. Colin began with Mom, Dad, and Owen . . . but eventually named pant (paint), frot snaks (fruit snacks), and vido gms (video games). I really enjoyed watching how he used what he new about letters to write the words.

Thankful Turkeys

4. Use glue, tape, or glue dots to attach the turkey’s feathers, legs, gobbler, beak, and eyes.

Not only does this craft allow your child the opportunity to practice writing, fine-motor skills, and spelling, but it encourages positive thinking and helps children identify the blessings in their life.