Simple Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy the Holidays

The holidays can be overwhelming for all of us, children and adults alike.  We often find ourselves rushing around from one holiday event to the next.  And it’s easy to become exhausted from flitting from one store to the next shopping for gifts.  It’s so important to remember to take time to simply slow…down…!

The holidays are a time to enjoy, not a time to feel harried!  Simple ways to slow down

One of the easiest ways to slow down during the holiday season is to…Time rather than money
By focusing on the way we spend our time during the holidays we can have more fun, and enjoy those around us more as well.  Here are a few ways to focus on time spent…ListGather around and make gifts together as a family, make body butter, lip balm, cookies or make some fun and festival holiday decor to gift like Christmas trees or snowmen.  Ask your children what they would like to give as gifts, they’ve got loads of great ideas.  Make sure you schedule in some down time.  If you overbook yourself and your family there will surely be grumpy consequences.  Get outside and breath some fresh air, even if it’s cold, your mind will enjoy the clearing!  Stick with traditions, as routines are oh so nice especially during busy time, and make new ones too! Inner child givingLastly, plan ahead!  Sit down and brainstorm with the whole family, make lists and plan ahead that way you won’t feel frazzled at the last minute because you’ve forgotten something…

Use this Gift list printable to keep those thoughts and notes in order…Gift list
Just remember that, while there certainly is oh so much to do during the holidays, it is also oh so important to slow down and enjoy the season and enjoy each other.  Your heart and family will thank you!