Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Alternatives to Halloween candy are a great way to surprise trick or treaters! They are fun, inexpensive, and there are many options that can easily be purchased in bulk online. Last year, our household did a little experiment and offered pencils as well as candy and we found that pencils were FAR more popular!

Here are 10 more Halloween candy alternative ideas:

Alternatives to Halloween Candy -- 10 non-food treats to delight

1. Temporary Tattoos

Fun for kids of all ages! A variety pack of 144 Halloween temporary tattoos can be bought from Amazon here.

2. Stickers

Can be bought in bulk Halloween variety packs of 500. from Amazon here.

3. Erasers

You can buy a Mini Eraser Assortment (500 Pieces) from Amazon here. You could also try this pack of 144 cool looking pencils from Amazon.

4. Mini Discs

Encourage some outdoor fun this Fall with these cute and festive Halloween Mini Discs (sold in pack of 72) at Amazon.

5. Spider Rings or Fang Whistles 

These are Halloween classics!!

6. Small Boxes of Crayons

12 Boxes of Crayons Zoo Animal Box 4 Per Box are available on Amazon.

7. Glow Sticks or Glow Bracelets

Perfect for the kids to use while trick or treating. Here’s a 300 pack of glow stick bracelets that’s on sale at Amazon.

8. Tiny Play Doh Containers

A bit more expensive, so you may want to save these for extra special trick or treaters. You can find party bags of 15 small containers on Amazon.

9. Mini Bottles of Bubbles

Commonly used in weddings, these mini bottles of bubbles are great for Halloween too.

10. Homemade Beading Kits

Easily assembled by including foam beads and a shoelace in a plastic snack bag. This kit includes 400 beads and plenty of cord available on Amazon.

Have fun!!