Hope School Lunch is a BLAST!

Rocket Ship Lunch Fun

Here’s a way to have a BLAST in the lunchbox complete with lunchtime notes for fun!

Supplies Needed:

4 Sunset Mini Peppers

1/2 Cucumber

2 Slices of Cheese

2 Slices of Bread

Light Ranch Dressing or Greek Yogurt Ranch dip

Red and Green Grapes

Star Shaped Cookie Cutters; Mini and Medium sized.

Cut the top off of one red pepper and hollow out the middle. Slice the cucumber and two peppers into thin strips. Take a butter knife and spread the ranch dressing in the hollowed out pepper. Place the cut veggies in the newly coated hollow pepper.

Rocket fun with Veggies

Take one slice of cheese and cut to create the flames that would come out of a rocket. Then, place the cheese flames into the end of the pepper.

Use a small star shape cutter to create three star shaped holes in the pepper. Then cut three stars into an orange pepper, place the new stars in the holes.
Bell Pepper Stars

Using a larger star shape cutter to cut two stars out of the bread, and one star out of the cheese. Make a sandwich out of the bread and cheese, you may wish to add meat and condiments for your child’s favorite sandwich. 

Place red and green grapes into a small container to add a bit of “confetti” to the mix and surprise them when they open their lunchbox!

Click here for a cute School is a Blast note to include in the lunchbox!

What fun touches do you put on your kids’ lunches?