Apple Book and Kids Craft

One of my very favorite fall themed books is Apples by Gail Gibbons.  It is jam packed full of apple information and filled with appealing illustrations.  There are many different apple themed crafts you can do after reading like this cute apple suncatcher.

Apple Suncatcher Craft for Kids

These tissue paper suncatchers are so simple that even toddlers can make them.  All you need is some clear contact paper, tissue paper and scissors.  We also added a stem to ours with construction paper.

Toddler apple craft

My 3 year old decided she wanted to make a red apple with a little bit or green and yellow so those are the colors of tissue paper I gave to her to cut and tear into small squares.

Easy apple craft suncatcher 

Then we talked about what shape and apple is and she drew it on the back of the sticky paper.

Apple Suncatcher Craft for Preschool

I cut it out for her and taped it to the table.  Then she placed the squares on the sticky surface.

Fall Themed Apple Suncatcher Craft

When she was done she added a construction paper stem on the top.  I placed another piece of contact over the whole thing and trimmed around the edges.  Then we taped it to her bedroom window.  She already can’t wait to make more!

For more information on Apples by Gail Gibbons check out the affiliate link below: