This Weekend — Save Money on Movies

Here are some easy ways to save a few bucks on movies this weekend:

  1. Save at AMC Theatres — Click here for a printable coupon good for free popcorn at AMC with the purchase of any fountain drink.  Offer good until 1/15/09. 
  2. RedBox — If you haven’t tried RedBox yet, why not give it a shot this weekend? Click here to find a RedBox kiosk near you.  Enter coupon code BREAKROOM for one day’s free rental.
  3. Visit Your Local Second Run Theatre — If you don’t know where yours is, do a quick google search for “Second Run Theatre” and the name of your town.  Most feature deeply discounted tickets.
  4. Free NetFlix Trial — Click here to start a free trial of NetFlix.  Rent with no late fees.
  5. Borrow DVD’s from Your Local Library — Get familiar with your local library. Many allow you to borrow from a collection of DVD’s for free.
  6. Try — This is becoming increasingly popular.  Hulu offers a wide selection of television shows and full length feature films to view using your computer.  And it’s free!
  7. Make Your Own Popcorn — If you decide to settle in at home for a movie, try making your own air-popped popcorn.  It is so simple to make, will save you money — since you are not paying for all that packaging on microwave popcorn.
Have a tip to help save money on movies that I forgot to add?  Leave a comment and tell us about it!