New — From PBS Kids

Emily alerted me to a new find on the PBS Kids website, one of her personal favorites. PBS just released a new online learning tool called PBS Kids Play, an interactive virtual activity center that adjusts to your child’s individual level and tracks development with custom progress reports!  It is primarily geared towards kids ages 3-6 years old.  You can sign up for a free 15 day trial (no credit card needed).  To learn more, click here.  Subscriptions are $9.95/month, or you can get a better value by signing up for a year at $79 (which works out to about $6.60/month).  

Some of the key features include:

  • One account provides 4 personal learning profiles.
  • All games address national educational standards.
  • Kids discover and advance at their own pace.
  • New content every week keeps kids engaged.
  • Timer option to limit playtime for each child.

To order a gift subscription, click here. In case you were wondering, 100% of net proceeds are used to fund PBS Kids programming.