Lights in the Woods – An Update

A few days ago, I posted about Flint Hill Farm’s Lights in the Woods event.  Last night, Mark and I bundled the kids up in layers and layers of clothes, packed everyone into the car, and drove 25 minutes to Coopersburg, PA to check it out.  For $5 per adult and $3 for children 3 and over, it seemed like it would be a good deal and a fun time enjoying a wagon ride, hot cocoa, a bonfire, etc.  And it was.  But just about everyone in the Lehigh Valley and their mother had the same good idea, which was fantastic for the farm…. but not so great for us.  Altogether, we spent over 2 hours in line for the wagon ride.  
Apparently, this was not a usual occurrence by any means, and we were told that previous nights enjoyed no lines and no waiting.  So I am very curious to hear from others who were there last night and other nights to compare experiences.  If you were there, please leave a comment and tell us about it, or send me an email.  (vdeneen (at) gmail (dot) com)  
In retrospect, it really was about $5 worth of fun.  But not quite $5 plus 2 hours of waiting + 25 minutes of driving worth of fun.  However, the girls were extremely patient and good the entire time, and Emily was super happy to be there.  We had lots of fun visiting the other animals on the farm, and spending some good quality time as a family.  It was also so fantastic to see such fabulous support for the farm, so overall I would say it was a success.  I would love to go back again next year, but I am hoping and praying that they consider investing in a second wagon!