Give Green Holiday Gifts — For Free!

This holiday season, promote a better environment with these green gifts that help reduce waste.  The best part — they are FREE!

  1. Stop Junk Mail —  Junk mail uses a tremendous amount of resources.  Use to create an account for the recipient to pick which catalogs are of genuine interest, and CatalogChoice will work with companies to remove the recipient’s address from their mailing list for free. has a similar free service for all junk mail.
  2. Offset Carbon Emissions for a Day —  Go to to find out how you can give the gift of being carbon free for a day – for free.
  3. A Green Email Account — Create a free green email account  for the recipient at  This is a free email service that is provided by a wind and solar powered web hosting company.
  4. Green a PC — Call 1-800-PC Support and a technician from will help your recipient green their PC for free.  
  5. E-Cards —  Each year greeting cards generate tons of waste.  This year, consider sending free e-cards instead.  Check out,, and to get started.