Frugal Gift Idea — Homemade Bath Salts

There is nothing more relaxing than a nice warm bath with scented bath salts, and I thought bath salts would make a great holiday gift.  That is, until I saw how much they cost.  Have you seen the outrageous prices of bath salts recently??  
This prompted me to come up with a homemade version for gift giving.  This is a great gift and very frugal.  You could add a bath sponge to make a nice gift set.  
Here is the recipe for Homemade Lavender Bath Salts:
1 cup Epsom Salts
1 cup dead sea salt
1 drop red food coloring
1 drop blue food coloring
1 drop lavender essential oil

1 tsp. dried lavender (optional)
Mix in a large bowl for at least 2 minutes or until ingredients are very well blended.  Using a funnel, pour into bottles or jars.  You can decorate your jar with labels, gift tags, or ribbon.