Spring has Sprung — the definitive guide

Do you find it difficult to know when Spring has arrived? Do the weather patterns confuse you? Are you looking for an easy, definitive guide for knowing exactly when Spring has officially begun?? Look no further — Here are seven ways to know, without a doubt, that Spring has sprung!

1. You live in a place where the trees do this:

Spring has Sprung!


2. You can spend all day smelling flowers.

Spring has Sprung!


3. Your days become extremely hectic, mad-busy, and super stressful…. or umm….. not so much.

Spring has Sprung!


4. On rainy days you’re forced to invite friends over for painting play dates.

Spring has Sprung!


5. You find yourself so busy procrastinating with laundry and household chores, so you can do this:

Spring has Sprung!….and this….

Spring has Sprung!


6. You simply cannot wait another second to plant seeds in the garden.

Spring has Sprung!


7. Sesame Place finally announces its Opening Day for the season!! Now it MUST be Spring!

Spring has Sprung!


Spring has Sprung!


Wishing you and your family a lovely (and Spring-filled) weekend!

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  1. Beautiful Spring images and most definitely sings that spring has arrived! Love your Japanese Maple Tree! We’ve been enjoying all the wildflower fields popping all over.

  2. Dear Valerie,

    8. You need to start cutting the grass again.


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