Quick Craft: Silly Moustache Straws

These are pretty self-explanatory…


….but they made Emily and me giggle!

Straws + black construction paper moustaches = Fun!!

And just in time for Cinco de Mayo. 🙂

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  1. Dear Valerie,

    Might want to check the food that Emily has been eating. She’s certainly getting extra hormones from somewhere!


  2. Eilidh says:

    Haha. These made me laugh too! Thank you.

  3. Such a cute and clever idea – my kids will love this!!!

  4. NOW you need to craft up “Nair Facial Hair Remover” play kit for your girlies… ;0)

  5. liveseygirl says:

    These are so fun. Think my 2 year old would love them. Great idea

  6. Too funny! I love this craft!

  7. We did this once for lollipops for Valentine’s day. Mustaches and giant kissy lips. It was a big hit!

  8. This is so fun and I just love how easy it is. Great photo! Vicky from http://www.messforless.net

  9. Excellent photo, great great idea! I always seem to be heading off to the shops to buy black paper after visiting your web page Valerie. My local KMart thanks you 🙂


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