Free Breakfast at Denny’s

If you watched the Super Bowl last night (and you did watch, didn’t you?), then you probably saw that Denny’s is offering a FREE Grand Slam Breakfast tomorrow (Tuesday, February 3rd) from 6 AM – 2 PM! For more information, or to find a Denny’s near you, click here.

Free Coffee and Breakfast Menu Samples at Panera Bread

Panera Bread is offering free coffee all day Wednesday, January 28th and free samples of some of their new breakfast items like the granola parfaits and grilled breakfast sandwiches! Yummy! Click here to find a Panera Bread near you. Photo by Samantha Celera

The Day We Unplugged — Part I

I thought it would be fun to outline what we call “unplugged day” in our household. Every so often, we try to have a full day where we do not watch any television or play video games. It amazes me how productive I can be on these days!  This morning, I had a conversation with Mark […]

Orange-Cranberry Scones and a Slow Morning

These homemade scones were a fabulous frugal breakfast treat! Mark left for work early this morning, but I was kind enough to save some for him. No high fructose corn syrup in these scones! I am not much of a baker, but I am so proud of how these turned out.  They are so simple […]