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Valerie Deneen

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Hi! My name is Valerie and I am the author of Inner Child Fun. This is where I blog daily about my obsessions with inexpensive craft and activity ideas, money saving tips, and all around good times on a budget! I love sewing, digital photography, organic tea, dark chocolate, gardening, clipping coupons, bourbon, knitting, graphic design, and cooking. I am a graduate of Bucknell University, a former senior software engineer, and now a stay-at-home mom. Oprah is not kidding when she says this is the hardest job on Earth.
My husband, Mark, frequently impresses readers with his witty comments on my posts. Our two girls – Clara (4 years) and Emily (8 years), have taught us that the most cherished moments in childhood can come from the simplest of pleasures. Playing in an empty cardboard box, painting the sidewalk, or blowing bubbles on a beautiful summer day can provide hours of creative entertainment. If you are a parent, grandparent, or caregiver for a young child, no doubt you have had a glimpse of this magical world. You will find many activities on this blog that will help you to nurture your child’s creativity without breaking your family’s budget, since many activities featured here are either very low-cost or absolutely free.

My greatest hope for this blog is that you will discover the joy that comes from simple pleasures, that creative energy will be experienced throughout your entire family, and that this optimism will continue to grow and spread to others your family comes into contact with for years to come.

You can learn more about me at this fun interview I did for The Artful Parent where Jean and I discuss creativity on a budget.

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This is Emily!

Emily (8 years) enjoys painting, gardening, drawing, writing, sewing, and has an endless obsession with China. She will never eat potatoes or corn, but prefers broccoli and olives instead. Since age 2, she has had her own computer, and by age 3 was successfully able to troubleshoot our at-home network. At age 7, she started her own blog at TreehouseCity.com Do not be fooled by her cuteness, as she aspires to take over the world and rule with an iron fist.

Meet Clara!

Clara (age 4) was only a few months old when Inner Child Fun launched. Now she is eager to keep up with her older sister and join in the crafts and activities as much as possible. She likes curling up on the couch with a good book, and prefers “fist bumps” to giving high fives, since those were soooooo yesterday.

This is Mark!

If you are a frequent reader of this blog, no doubt you have met Mark through his witty and charming comments. In college, I shamelessly seduced him and then later tricked him into marrying me. Clearly, I got the better half of the deal. He works as a senior software engineer, and enjoys tinkering with computers, craft-brewed beer, jalepeno poppers, car maintenance, ice cold Wild Cherry Pepsi, and cooking on the grill. You can drop him a line at mark (at) innerchildfun (dot) com

Contributing Writers

Meet Joyce

Joyce stays at home with her five year old son and is the author behind Childhood Beckons, where she writes about their adventures in play and her adventures in parenting. Her motto is “Childhood is calling him to play and explore. And childhood is calling me to help him on his journey. It is beckoning to us. I am going to listen.”

She enjoys finding new ways to play and learn and passing along her family’s favorites. You can connect with Joyce via Twitter or say hi to her on Facebook!

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