Kid’s Culinary Passport eBook

Cook and craft your way around the world!

kcp-ebook-cover2Do you wish you could travel around the world to expose your kids to new cultures and recipes to try? Want to avoid the hassle of airports, added expenses, and travel annoyances?? From the authors of Inner Child Food, we’re proud to present this special collection of posts called Kids’ Culinary Passport in one convenient eBook format — it’s like traveling around the world without leaving your kitchen!!

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Here’s how it works:

1. Purchase the eBook and Print the Passport

Once purchased, you can download the eBook instantly to get your printable passport and stamps, so you can keep track of your “journey”!

2. Cook and Craft Your Way Around the World

The Kids’ Culinary Passport eBook consists of 13 jam-packed pages with recipes and crafts that are each inspired by a different country all in one convenient download. Start your journey with the ole USA before making your way over to Japan, Italy, Mexico, and Egypt. Participate as little or as often as you’d like. Since you can view your eBook at any time, you can “travel” at your own pace!

What You Get:

  • 13 jam-packed pages in .pdf format consisting of 5 Cooking Themes to explore with detailed step-by-step recipes and crafts inspired by USA, Japan, Italy, Mexico, and Egypt.
  • Detailed materials or ingredients lists for each project or recipe so you’ll know exactly what to prepare.
  • Photos to illustrate each project through-out.
    • USA — Homemade peach ice cream, festive frozen yogurt sandwiches, and plenty of red, white, and blue crafts for the kids.
    • Japan — Candied sweet potatoes, simple sushi rolls, and a craft project featuring bright and cheerful paper lanterns.
    • Italy — A simple spaghetti sauce the kids can help make, plus a fun family game to try and instructions to make your own felt pasta play set.
    • Mexico — Cook up some turkey enchiladas, and cinnamon tortilla dippers for a special dessert treat. Later, craft up some festive mini piñatas.
    • Egypt — A Delicious, quick, and easy recipe to make together and enjoy — Honey Orange Couscous!
  • Printable passport and stamps to document your journey.
  • Handy list of additional resources and online communities for even more extension activities!

3. Share Your Experience

If you’re on Instagram, use hashtag #KidsCulinaryPassport and you’re also welcome to upload photos to our Inner Child Food Facebook Page. View the gallery to see what others are making. We LOVE to see photos of your kids’ creations as they cook and/or craft around the world with us!

Cook and craft your way around the world!

Price:$ 7.99
Buy It Now