Giveaway: Stonyfield Blends Prize Pack!

Have you tried the new Stonyfield Blends yogurt?? Thanks to my friends at Stonyfield, I was one of the first to try this yummy treat and I received a Blendtec blender (valued at $455) to go along with them. The best part?? I’m giving away the exact same prize pack to one lucky reader, courtesy of Stonyfield!

Just how good are the new Stonyfield Blends?? They are really good! Stonyfield Blends are rich and creamy — made from pure organic yogurt blended with fresh fruit pieces and fruit purees. They are on the sweet side, so I would especially recommend them for people who don’t ordinarily care for the tanginess of other yogurts. Added bonus?? They are packed with protein and calcium. Seriously, they are a real treat, AND they are organic!!

Even my hubby admitted he was jealous:

There are 11 yummy flavors to choose from: Strawberry Banana, Peach Mango, Blueberry, Blackberry, French Vanilla, and more. Blueberry and French Vanilla are the big favorites in our home!

Next, it was time to give the Blendtec blender a whirl. I was nice enough to wait until Mark came home from work for this part, and you guys…. this blender is serious. Here’s a pic of what was left of a huge chocolate Easter bunny, a banana, ice, and Stonyfield BaNilla yogurt. That bunny didn’t stand a chance.

 In less than 5 seconds, we had chocolate banana smoothies that the kids LOVED! There was even a recipe book included featuring soups, smoothies, milkshakes, salad dressings, and so much more. We’ll be busy blending up all sorts of adventures!

Now the FUN part

One very lucky Inner Child Fun reader will win a Blendtec blender (valued at $455) and Stonyfield Blends yogurt prize pack!! Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. To enter for your chance to win, leave a comment on this post telling us which flavor of Stonyfield Blends you would most like to try.

For extra bonus entries, you can:

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This giveaway ends Friday, February 15th at 6:30pm EST and winner will be chosen at random. (See Official Giveaway Rules.)

Good luck!!


  1. Oh, I would go blueberry all the way! Sounds delish!

  2. Sarah heat says:

    Peach mango! Our family is a bunch of yogurt fiends, this is perfect!

  3. Definitely peach mango! Looks great!

  4. We’d love the blackberry!

  5. I think the blackberry.

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  8. i think my kids would love the peach mango. yummy!

  9. Peach mango sounds yummy to me, but what I would REALLY like is the blender! 🙂

  10. Peach mango sounds yummy.

  11. Definitely peach mango. I’m bummed to hear they’re on the sweet side, though. I find American yogurts way, way too sweet for my tastes. I’ve worked in France for 10 summers, and over there the yogurts are full-fat, super creamy, and not too sweet. In the States, they’re all about being “fat free” but they’re overloaded with sugar.

  12. I would like the peach mango. mmm.

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  14. i bet the lemon is delicious

  15. Blackberry!!!! But honestly, they all sound good. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

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  18. Peach Mango sounds delicious!

  19. Tweeted! (@eshie54)

    By the way, your link didn’t seem to be working, so I made this one, which seems to be working correctly:

  20. The peach mango sounds good!

  21. peach mango!

  22. I’m already signed up for Blendtec recipe of the week.

  23. Strawberry banana!! Mmmm.

  24. Misti Robinson says:

    hmmm peach mango please! Thanks for the give away!

  25. Amy Swartz says:

    Blueberry sounds good!

  26. Amy Swartz says:

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  27. I’d like to try the Strawberry Banana 🙂

  28. Must have Strawberry-Banana, yum! Thanks for a great opportunity.

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  31. Blueberry!

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  34. French Vanilla

  35. Blueberry looks delicious.

  36. I’d love to try the blackberry.

  37. I would go straight for the blackberry. Though strawberry is always my top choice… hmm.

  38. I’m gonna go with blackberry–brings back fond childhood memories 🙂 Or french vanilla…

  39. I would LOVE to try the Blackberry! Looks so Yummy!

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  41. Subscribed to the newsletter (so excited for fun blender recipes–now I just need a good blender to go with them!)

  42. My children love anything blueberry.

  43. Peach Mango sounds perfect. I great way to get excited about the onset of spring.

  44. Signed up for the newsletter

  45. Followed on Pinterest

  46. Blueberry! So good for you and yummy, too!!

  47. oops — entered wrong address. Same comment: blueberry! Antioxidants!! Yum.

  48. Definitely the Strawberry Banana!

  49. French vanilla

  50. Signed up for Blendtec Recipes!

  51. I would love to try the BaNilla; what a great giveaway…good luck all!

  52. Peach mango sounds delicious!

  53. Laura Estep says:

    I would love to try the blackberry!

  54. Laura Estep says:

    tweeted this

  55. oooo! i hope i win!!!!!
    the peach mango and the blueberry sound scrumptious!

  56. What a great giveaway! As a Floridian, I’d have to vote for the peach/mango yogurt.

  57. I like Stonyfield yogert a lot! Peach Mango please!

  58. The peach mango sounds really delicious!

  59. Signed up for Blendtec recipe of the week.

  60. Following Stonyfield on Twitter (@cayliem27)

  61. I love the french vanilla, and I would like to try the peach mango!

  62. I’d go with banilla– add some peanut butter and you’ve got an Elvis Smoothie. Yum!

  63. I follow Stonyfield Organics on Facebook (Jean Fisher Brinkley) AND Pinterest (Jean Brinkley).

  64. I receive the Blendtec Recipe of the Week emails at jeanbrinkley73 at gmail dot com

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    Thank you so much for the great giveaway!

  66. I dig some strawberry yogurt!

  67. I would like the Strawberry Banana Blends.

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  69. I Follow Stonyfield on Pinterest(Kelly Saver)

  70. The blackberry looks especially delicious!

  71. I Signed up for the Blendtec recipe of the week under kellywcuATyahooDOTcom

  72. I’m following Stonyfield on Pinterest.

  73. I’m following Stonyfield on Twitter.

  74. Blessie Nelson says:

    I want to try peach mango

  75. Blessie Nelson says:

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    twitter @Bless_Eliz
    pinterest BlessEliz

  76. Blessie Nelson says:

    signed up for blendtec recipe newsletter

  77. I don’t do mushy yogurt fruit chunks so I am totally a vanilla girl but I have never tried Stonyfield, and with all the great reviews I think I’d give the strawberry banana a try. My boys on the other hand inhale any yogurt but said they would love the blackberry!

  78. Blessie Nelson says:
  79. I signed up for the Blendtec recipe of the week email- I didn’t even know they had this! now all I need is a Blendtec 😉

  80. I am following StonyField on Pinterest- and my mouth is watering!!!!

  81. Love Strawberry Banana!

  82. I follow Stonyfield on Twitter.

  83. i am boring- french vanilla (wait, a classic!!!) =0)
    thanks for the chance to win!

  84. I tweeted the giveaway on Twitter.

  85. I signed up for their recipe of the week!

  86. I subscribed to the daily recipe email.

  87. I can’t wait to try blackberry and peach mango. I love the chocolate banana smoothie idea. We are going to have to try that at my house!

  88. I signed up for the blendtec recipe of the week

  89. French Vanilla sounds good!

  90. My son would love the blueberry!

  91. Christina says:

    I would love to try the strawberry banana or the lemon!

  92. I am following Stonyfield on Pinterest.

  93. Christina says:

    I follow Stonyfield on Pinterest –

  94. I tweeted about the contest!

  95. Christina says:

    I am signed up for Blendtec Recipe of the week

  96. Christina says:
  97. I would love to try the Strawberry Banana.

  98. Plain Jane French vanilla for me!

  99. I will be trying French vanilla! 🙂

  100. Eric Haynes says:

    French vanilla. Always looking for the perfect French Vanilla, because it is great for adding other fruits and granola to.

  101. Eric Haynes says:

    I tweeted!

  102. Just signed up to follow on Pinterest!

  103. Ok – also signed up to get recipes emailed. 🙂

  104. Peach Mango or French Vanilla. 🙂

  105. Like Stonyfield on Facebook.

  106. Oops, maybe Facebook doesn’t count. I also am following on Pinterest.

  107. I’d like to try the Blackberry

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  109. French vanilla! Sounds deliciously sweet, not tangy.

  110. Tamara Palmer says:

    peach mango sounds like it would be good in a blendtec smoothie! Yummy

  111. Tamara Palmer says:

    I am now following Stonyfield on pinterest. I would love a blendtec! I have told the hubby several times that I want one, but no dice yet.

  112. Andrea D. says:

    I would like to try the Blackberry flavor. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  113. Andrea D. says:

    I am a pinterest follower of Stonyfield. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  114. Andrea D. says:

    I signed up to get weekly recipes. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  115. Blueberry!

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  117. Signed up for recipe of the week from Blendtec!

  118. Tamara Palmer says:

    I am now signed up for the blendtec recipe emails. Now all I need is the blendtec!

  119. I’m excited to try the blackberry and the peach/mango.

  120. I am now following Stonyfield on Pinterest!

  121. Signed up for the BlendTec recipes, too.

  122. Laura Schachter says:

    Peach mango!

  123. The peach mango sounds delicious!!

  124. Rebecca Holland says:

    Wanna try blueberry & peach/mango! Am crossing my fingers, would love o win the Blendtec! Just what I need! My four kids would love smoothies everyday!

  125. I would love the peach mango, and my kids would love the blueberry. Yummy!

  126. I would go for the vanilla. Sounds booorrring right? I eat a lot of yogurt, and I have found that the best ones are really good in just vanilla. Like a great ice cream. Don’t get me wrong, I want to try the berry flavors too, but let me try that vanilla and I’ll give you a true opinion of Stonyfield Blends. Can’t wait to try.

  127. Lori Summers says:

    I would go with the Raspberry!! I love raspberry! 🙂

  128. Lori Summers says:

    I signed up for the Blendtec Recipe of the Week! 🙂

  129. Blackberry! though my husband would probably prefer the peach mango, and my daughter would gravitate toward the blueberry….

  130. Peach Mango looks delicious!

  131. Gotta go with the blueberry. Although, variety is the spice of life, right? I’d love to try them all!

  132. Following on Pinterest too – Jodi Roth

  133. Yumm…would have so much fun experimenting using this with the kiddos!

  134. domestic diva says:

    Blueberry sounds fantastic.

  135. I also am now following Stonyfield on Pinterest! =)

  136. PeachMango makes me feel warm and sunny instead of cold and wintry! Pick me please!

  137. I signed up for the BlendTec Recipe of the Week. Thanks for the links!

  138. The blackberry sounds great!

  139. Mmmm Blueberry please !!

  140. Blackberry please!

  141. Peach Mango sounds good to me!

  142. I signed up for their recipe emails.

  143. I’m following them on Pinterest now.

  144. Banilla

  145. I’m also following Stonyfield on Twitter.

  146. and I tweeted about the giveaway.

  147. On the Blendtec list!

  148. Following stonyfield on Pinterest.

  149. Ba-nilla! I not only like the name, it sounds yummy too.

  150. I’m a blackberry or blueberry kind of gal, but my kiddos love peach mango. 🙂

  151. Nikolette B says:

    I would love to try the blackberry flavor!

  152. Strawberry Banana!

  153. I would try the Blueberry. Favorite flavor of yogurt ever! =)

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  155. Signed up for recipe e-mails! And cool they are from Orem, Utah! Just moved from that area!

  156. Blueberry!

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  159. We love French vanilla!

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  163. Banilla…perfect for our favorite smoothies in this household (chocolate peanut butter banana)!

  164. I’m a sucker for anything mango. Peach mango sounds great!

  165. Kim Boucher says:

    oooo, the banilla sounds scrumptious. my oldest son (6) has special needs so he only eats puree’s still, so yogurt is a staple in our house. 🙂

  166. I would like to try the strawberry banana, has always been my favorite

  167. I am a french vanilla kind of girl, looks so good.

  168. I would have to go with french vanilla…yum!! 🙂

  169. I follow Stonyfield on Twitter. 🙂

  170. I’d love to try Lemon. We love Stonyfield in our house.

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  172. Peach mango for sure!

  173. Blackberry

  174. tweeted!

  175. Following Stonyfield on Pinterest!

  176. Peach Mango sounds delicious! Stonyfield yogurt is the best!

  177. Banilla sounds delicious and I’ve been stalking good blenders for awhile….winning one would be amazing!

  178. I would give the Peach Mango a try!

  179. I have signed up for the Blendtec newsletter.

  180. I follow Stonyfield on Twitter. @craftygrdenmama

  181. Shana Johannessen says:

    It’s a tossup between the peach mango and the french vanilla.

  182. I follow Stonyfield on Pinterest.

  183. Shana Johannessen says:

    I am following Stonyfield on Pinterest.

  184. Shana Johannessen says:

    I singed up for BlendTec’s recipes!

  185. It’d be a toss up between lemon and black cherry. Yum!
    That blender would come in handy, mine always sounds like a rocket ship blasting off and our smoothies inevitably have marble-sized chunks of ice in them, no matter how long I blend them for! It’s definitely a dud. : )

  186. Peach Mango sounds good to me.

  187. I want to try the Strawberry Banana!

  188. Following Stonyfield on Twitter (@hollymarie076).

  189. Stacey Surguy says:

    I am a Blackberry girl!

  190. I would love to try the strawberry!

  191. I followed Stonyfield on Pinterest.

  192. I subscribed to the Blendtec recipe of the week.